General guide
  62nd JALAS: The 62nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for
  Laboratory Animal Science
  May 28th (Thu) - May 30th (Sat), 2015
  Kyoto TERRSA (Kyoto Citizen’s Amenity Plaza)
  Masakazu Kita (Laboratory Animal Center Kyoto Prefectural
  University of Medicine)

  Plenary Lectures
  Oral Presentations
  Posters / Short Talks
  Biotechnology Seminars (Luncheon Seminars)
  Kyoto TERRSA
  Shinmachi Kujo Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
  (Kyoto Citizen’s Amenity Plaza)
  ・75minutes by train from Kansai international
   Airport to Kyoto Station
  ・2hours and 30minutes by Shinkansen(bullet train)
   from JR Tokyo Station to Kyoto
  Web site:
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Participation Fee for 62nd JALAS meeting is JPY 10,000- for AFLAS members (Certification documents will be requested at the front desk of 62nd JALAS meeting), and JPY 15,000- for Non-AFLAS members.


*Please download and fill out the registration form and submit it at the registration desk.
*On-site registration only.

Registration desk Open Time

May 28th (Thu)8:30-17:00
May 29th (Fri)8:30-17:00
May 30th (Sat) 8:30-11:00
*It’s been planned.
Registration Fee (Currency: JPY) *Participation Fee Foreign Delegate:
AFLAS members 10,000 JPY
Non-member15,000 JPY
Fees include: Admission to the Scientific Sessions, Program and Abstract book
*Social gathering Participation Fee Foreign Delegate:
AFLAS members8,000 JPY
Payment and Currency All the payment must be made in Japanese Yen by cash only. No credit card, bank draft or check can be accepted.
Conference Materials
  • 1) Name Badge: All the participants are requested to wear their name badges throughout the Meeting. Participants without badges may be stopped to enter the scientific sessions and reception.
  • 2) Program and Abstract book
Visa To enter Japan, some foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa issued by Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country. If you need a visa, please contact the secretariat via e-mail until March 31th. Please note that processes of issuing a visa could take a while, so be aware to have enough time to prepare for the required documents to apply for a visa.
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Presentation Registration [for Symposium Speakers] /
General Presentation Registration
Call for papers
Dec 3(Wed), 2014 - Jan 15(Thu), 2015
           Jan 22(Thu), 2015
Call for papers has been closed. Text: The abstract text (including the title, author’s name and affiliation) must be written in English. Please check the information on the text length limitation below. Please do not change any format.
Abstracts must be accompanied by:
  • 1) Full name (s) of author(s)
  • 2) E-mail address of corresponding author (All correspondence will be sent via e-mail)
  • 3) Institution
  • 4) Mailing address including city and country
  • 5) Phone number
  • 6) Fax number
  • 7) Title of the paper (within 100 characters, including spaces)
  • 8) Abstract Body (1700 characters)

※for Symposium
Presentation Method [Oral presentation]
  Use of PC projector only

※for General Presenters
Method Presentation is to be made either by oral or poster presentation. At your abstract submission, you may choose which type of presentation you would like to make; however the final selection is left to the local organizing committee.
Result and presentation schedule will be announced on the website.

[Oral presentation]
  Use of PC projector only
[Poster presentation]
  Those who participate in the Conference as a poster presenter are
  asked to visit the Poster Session Room. The secretariat prepares
  poster board, pins and presenter's ribbon, and you are asked to
  place your poster by yourself. Your posters should be posted
  during the Conference.
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Contact us
If you have any question about call for papers, please contact the secretariat.
62nd JALAS Secretariat Secretary General: Takashi Kuramoto
Contact address:
  Institute of Laboratory Animals
  Graduate School of Medicine
  Kyoto University
  Yoshidakonoe-cho, Sakyo-ku
  Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
  Fax: +81-75-753-4409
  E-mail: ▲ Pagetop